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Barona – one of the largest employers in Finland, launches a series of responsibility actions


Barona has renewed its brand image and clarified its main message to job-seekers. Barona has carefully studied its target groups and recognised its responsibility as a major employer and supporter of young people under the age of 25 who are at the beginning of their careers. Barona’s work is now made visible through a series of responsibility actions, starting with the Working Life Trainer campaign.

"We employ 30,000 people every year, and young people under the age of 25 make up 65% of these people. Furthermore, over 100,000 people apply to work for Barona on an annual basis, many of who are millennials. One cannot overstate our significance in employing young people. What kind of effect does it have for a young person now and later on that we have been able to help them finding a job. We know the effect is significant and positive," says Minna Vanhala-Harmanen, CEO of Barona.

The campaign’s purpose is to raise awareness of the fact that Barona wants to help job-seekers in ways other than just via the traditional means of recruitment. The other means include training for job-seeking, individual and group sparring, online courses and visits to various schools and organisations. Many trainings and events provided by Barona are already available free of charge and the selection will be expanding in the future.  

"For over a year, we’ve been working on what kind of working life we want to build with our employees and client companies. This campaign is part of our comprehensive brand and strategy reform, in which responsibility is our most important value. We promise as a brand to act as a humane reformer, and we want our operations to signal the culture of caring," Vanhala-Harmanen continues.

Barona’s Working Life Trainer campaign will continue until the end of the year. Sign up for free trainings and events at Barona.fi/traineri (in Finnish). Barona’s new visual look and messages are present on Barona’s social media and website, and at offices in over 30 localities in Finland and internationally, for example, in Sweden and Estonia.

Barona, established in 1999, is the leading private employment agency in Finland and yearly employs over 30,000 people. We are building a better working life and society by helping people and businesses grow. Our services include recruitment, staffing, work ability services, outsourcing solutions, and recruitment marketing. Our operations are guided by the values: freedom, sustainability, courage and working together. We operate in Finland in over 30 localities and internationally in 10 countries.

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