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Barona strengthnes its growth strategy – Taru Tujunen, managing director of Ellun Kanat and Tommi Kajasoja, Group President of Delete Group, have joined Barona's board

Barona, Finland's 6th largest employer, has made new appointments to the company’s board as Taru Tujunen, President and CEO of Ellu Kanoja, and Tommi Kajasoja, President and CEO of Deleten Group, have joined the board. Markus Oksa, CEO of Bravedo and one of Barona's main owners and founders, as well as Jussi Itävuori, a board professional and Chair of Barona's Board, will also continue their duties in the board. Additionally, Minna Vanhala-Harmanen operates as the CEO of Barona.

It's great to have people on our board whose wast professionalism and broad views will certainly benefit the entire Barona," commented Jussi Itävuori, Chair of the Board.

According to Itävuori, the aim of the new board is to ensure Barona's growth goals and innovativeness also in the future. The aim is also to promote a working life in which human and technological capacities co-exist for the benefit of all parties rather than compete with each other.


Taru Tujunen has been the Managing Director of the transformation agency Ellun Kanat since 2014. Over the years, Ellun Kanat has grown into an expert community of almost 60 people, helping its clients in the areas of foresight, strategy, corporate culture and communications. Previously, Tujunen has worked e.g. as the General Secretary of the National Coalition Party Kokoomus.


“Barona is an interesting combination of professional competence, bold attitude and ability to keep a finger on the pulse. It is a pleasure to get involved in building Barona's next growth leap’’, says Tujunen.

Tommi-Kajasoja-Barona-hallitusTommi Kajasoja has been the Group President of Delete Group for six years. Delete is a environmental service company, operating in Finland and Sweden. Kajasoja has previously worked e.g. industrial services company Maintpartner and ABB. In addition, Kajasoja serves on the Board of the Finnish Environmental Industries (YTP).

“I take part in Barona’s story with great enthusiasm and motivation. Already, I've noticed what a great buzz the company has, and how the top professionals working at Barona develop innovative services to solve customers' problems’’, says Kajasoja.

Additional information:
Jussi Itävuori, Chairman of the Board, Barona
pp. +358 40 773 8771

Barona, founded in 1999, employs annually more than 30,000 employees in various industries for customers and its own companies. We are renewing working life with a wide range of services that support the growth of both personnel and companies, which include e.g. recruitment, staffing, work ability services, outsourcing solutions and working life training and coaching. We operate in Finland in almost 40 locations and internationally in ten countries. Barona is part of the Bravedo Group.

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