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Cresco Psychologist Agency strengthens its services in Turku, Finland

Similarly to other parts in Finland, also Turku Region in Southwestern Finland is struggling with a lack of skilled employees. According to Katri Hurme, CEO of Cresco, there are a lot of industries where it is hard to find work force. In these situations, internal talent development can be an option to external recruitments.

’’As important as it is to attract new employees, it is equally important to ensure that current employees have possibilities to develop themselves and find new career paths also within the organization. Recognizing people’s potential and skills e.g. with our potential mapping helps companies to operate successfully and to ensure competitivity also in the future’’, Katri Hurme says.

In the future, Cresco’s potential mappings and psychological personnel assessment, as well as other services that support development of both teams and individuals, will be offered straight from Turku by two specialists, as Cresco’s licensed psychologist and consultant Emma Vuorenmaa will move to work in Turku. Together with psychologist Nina Hamburg, they can better respond to the needs of local customers.

We want to be close to the everyday life of our local customers and employees, and stay informed of possible changes in our operating environment. Emma and Nina will get all the support they need from Helsinki, and I firmly believe in their input in developing our local services’’, Katri concludes.

For more information, please contact:

Emma Vuorenmaa, Consultant, MPsy, p. 050 454 2399 or emma.vuorenmaa@cresco.fi

Katri Hurme, Director, PsM, p. 050 587 8828 or katri.hurme@cresco.fi


Established in 1995, Cresco is an expert in business-psychology, and part of Finland’s leading personnel service company, Barona. Cresco’s services combine strong experience in work psychology, comprehension of business challenges and constant renewal. The operation is guided by confidentiality, flexibility, ethics, and customer orientation.

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